Faith – The Infusion Project

Faith - The Infusion Project

Unity Christian’s ongoing desire to guide students towards a life lived by faith, with excellence, and for service led to the development of The Infusion Project. The Infusion Project’s primary objective is to lead students to know and to understand how every part of the Christ-followers life is viewed through the lens of Scripture.

Choosing to live a faith-infused life means glorifying God through a life of gratitude, submitting every part of life to His will, while extending God’s grace to the community. Christianity is not “what” a faith infused student is, instead it is “who” they are.

Much like a watercolor permanently changes the paper on which it is applied, the infusion of faith into the life of the believer allows them to fully embrace their identity as God’s child. It prepares them to engage the world through the only lens of truth, God’s Holy Word.

Every aspect of a Unity education is intentionally structured to give each student the opportunity to encounter Jesus daily. And, along with the work of the Holy Spirit, to lead students toward a faith-infused, lifetime commitment of service in all areas of life.

Throughout the year, our students have opportunities to hear from experienced speakers on key issues they are facing in their everyday lives in Chapel. We also plan community-wide Parent Nights throughout the year for parents to learn about and discuss relevant topics related to students. Information about Parent Nights can be found on our calendar.